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In order to keep normal working and to prolong the service life of the impact crusher, users should exert regular maintenance to keep the impact crusher in good condition.
1. The new machine needs to be checked over after each operation. After two weeks from the day of putting into use, monthly overall checkup of the impact crusher is necessary. Users need to weekly examine the electrical motor and the lubricating situation, the tightness of the fastening parts and the driven belt, sealing of the bearings and functioning of switches.
2. Major components of the crusher, such as the blow bars, impact plates and liners need to be examined for the damage and wear, and the schedule for maintenance and repair should be set in accordance with the wearness.
3. Adjustment of clearance between the impact racks and blow bar The clearance between the impact racks and blow bar can’t be adjusted during operation, or at least when the rotor is rotating. If the bulk of material get stuck between the impact racks and blow bar, it is advisable to lift the impact racks before adjusting the clearance of them, thus the bulk of material will be fallen by the gravity if the clearance is big enough. However, if the clearance isn’t big enough, gently pat the loose pull rod to chatter the stuck material down. Clearance between rotor and the first or second impact rack can be adjusted by the mechanical devices. First, loosen protective nut and gland nut ,then jack up the connecting board with hydraulic cylinder. Second, loosen lock nut and spin the adjusting bush, at this time, the pull rod is capable to move upwards and downwards. Screw down the locking nut after the adjustment. At last, loosen hydraulic cylinder to put down connecting board and use it to lock the adjusting bush, then screw home protective nut and gland nut. Size of the clearance can be examined through the observation doors.
Above mentioned procedures need to be done after closing down the machine in order to avoiding accident, users should pay special attention to that. While the adjustment of clearance between rotor.
4. To change the wear parts
Before replacement of the wear parts, open the rear top first by the eject rod or hydraulic cylinder. To open the rear top as large as the one demonstrated, remove the connecting screws of the main frame first, and then operate through handles on the top lifting devices by two persons at the same time. After replacing the wear parts, repeat the above mentioned procedures to close the rear top. 5. The assembly, disassembly and examine of taper sleeves Fixation of pulleys on the motor, pulley on the main shaft, and rotor on the main shaft are realized by taper sleeves instead of keys and key slots. During disassembly of the taper sleeves, the locking screws should be screwed off, not screwed out, pair of diagonal screws after pair of diagonal screws. Then remove the screws and cushion rings, screw the bolts with larger screw thread into the disassembly sockets, knock all heads of the bolts gently to loose and pull out the taper sleeves. Before assembly, clean up the surfaces of all relative components for the taper sleeve and oil them slightly. The locking screws should be coated with oil and grease without molybdenum disulfide additives. After that, install the taper sleeve into the clearance between the shaft and pulley, and then slightly screw down the locking screws. By adopting the specific fitter’s tool, press the pulley into the accurate place and then tighten the screws pair of diagonal screws after pair of diagonal screws by torque wrench with 1/3 MA, 1/2 MA and MA till all screws meet the requirements. Before using the torque wrench, the required tightening torques needs to be examined or set. After the assembly, oil the exposed surface of taper sleeves and head of the Chart 1.1 Tightening torques for the taper sleeves. 6. Lubrication In order to ensure the high-efficient and functional working of the crusher, the lubricating regulation needs to be strictly enforced.
(1) Lubrication of the frication surfaces need to be regularly examined and replenished.
(2) Kinds of the lubrication oil vary with the local weather and specific conditions.
(3) Lubricating grease for the bearings should be refilled after 8 working hours, while the bearings on the end of shaft should be lubricated by Molybdenum Disulfide grease(3# lithium base grease).
(4) Refill the lubricating oil per three months. Before the top up, wash up the bearings by clean gasoline or kerosene. The lubricating grease should be filled to occupy 50%-70% volumes of the bearing house.
(5) Generally speaking, temperature raise of the bearings should be smaller than 35℃. If the temperature raise is over 70 ℃, it is advisable to close the crusher down for investigation, and restart the machine after problem resolved.


Problem: Sudden severe vibration
Reinstall the blow bars to make the rotor balanced

Problem: Oversized final products
Adjust clearance between the impact racks and therotor, or change the worn blow bars and impact plates

Problem: Knocking noise inside the crusher
1. close the crusher down and clean theCrushing cavity;
2. examine the tightness of tightening parts and clearance between the rotor and impact racks;
3. Change the broken components.

Problem: Over-high temperature raise
l. fill in proper amount of lubricating oil;
2. clean the bearings and replenish the oil;
3. Change the bearings.


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