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1.Preparation before operation
1.1 Closely check the lubrication of bearings and the connecting area of toggle plate and toggle seat.
1.2 Make sure all fasteners are tightened.
1.3 Replace the v-belt with one in perfect condition as soon as find out damages or breakage, and clear away the greasy dirt on v-belt and belt pulley by clean cloth.
1.4 Eliminate potential problems about the protective devices without delay.
1.5 Clean out rocks or other objects if there is any in crushing cavity, in order to make sure the crusher works without load.
2. Startup of the crusher
2.1 The crusher can only be started after close check of all parts.
2.2 The crusher can only be started in condition of zero-load.
2.3 There have to be signals or rings in advance.
2.4 After starting up the crusher, turn it off as soon as any irregulation happens. The crusher can be restarted only if the irregulations have been eliminated.
3.1 Materials can be fed in when the crusher works smoothly and properly.
3.2 During normal operation, temperature rise of bearings should be below 30 ℃, 70 ℃ at the most. If the temperature raises beyond the above range, shut down the crusher until the trouble have been analyzed and shoot.
3.3 Stop feeding before turning off the crusher. After all materials have been discharged out of crushing cavity, turn off the electrical motor.
3.4 During operation, turn off electrical motor immediately if there is a downtime caused by discharging jam. Restart the crusher after total discharge.
3.5 If one end of jaw plates is badly worn, reinstall them upside down.
3.6 Retighten all fasteners of the crusher after a period of working.
3.7 Clean up the toggle plate frequently to make sure no odds and ends tucked between toggle plate and the movable jaw.
4. Lubrication
4.1 Lubricate all friction surfaces frequently in order to keep the crusher functioning normally and to prolong its service life.
4.2 The grease being used in this crusher should be general purpose lithium lubricating grease or complex calcium lubricating grease.
4.3 About 50% volume of all bearing housings should be filled with grease. Refill the grease every 9 working days and replace it every 3 to 6 months. Before the replacement of grease, wash ball bearings’ grooves with clean and pure gasoline or kerosene.
4.4 Fill in proper quantity of grease between toggle plate and the toggle seat.
5. Disassembly
5.1 All connecting bolts of this crusher adopt right-hand thread. If it isn’t easy to disassemble, the reason might be that the thread lock is playing its role, which would be removed by heating of flames.
5.2 Disassembly of eccentric shaft could be guided by the following sketch.
6.Safty Technique
6.1. The operating stuff has to be trained of safety techniques.
6.2. Pry into the crusher from top during working is strictly forbidden.
6.3. Forbid to adjust, clean or repair the crusher during working.
6.4. Moving materials by hand around feed opening or crushing cavity of the crusher during working is strictly prohibited.


Problem:Sudden shutdown of the crusher
1) clear out the blockage;
2) tighten or replace the v-belt;
3) adjust the voltage to meet the crusher’s needs;
4) change the damaged bearings;

Problem:Pulley and movable jaw works, but no crushing
1) replace the spring rod;
2) replace the eject rod;
3) change or fix the toggle plate;

Problem:Productivity is smaller than nominal capacity
1) change the crusher or add another one;
2) reconnect the wire;
3) adjust the discharge outlet;
4) fix and tighten, or change the jaws;
5) adjust the voltage to meet the crusher’s needs;
6) change bearings or movable jaw;

Problem:Bouncing of fixed and movable jaw plate
1) screw up the bolts;
2) adjust discharging outlet into proper size;

Problem:Broken of toggle plate
1) change the toggle plate, and then;
2) feed in materials with regulated size and quantity;
3) avoid unbroken materials get into the crushing cavity;
4) reinstall toggle plate and toggle seat correctly;

Problem:Broken of adjusting fixed wedge
1) change them into ones produced by manufacturer of the crusher;
2) change the wedge and block, and tighten the pull rod of slide block;
3) change the imperfect wedge or block.

Problem:Bending or broken of eccentric shaft
Adopt a new eccentric shaft, and then
1) adopt proper lifting manner;
2) crush regulated material of specific crusher;
3) proper quantity of feeding and crushing;
4) use the toggle plate produced by manufacturer of the crusher;
5) proper heat treatment of the shaft;

Problem:Broken of movable jaw
1) change the movable jaw, and then;
2) use the toggle plate & seat produced by manufacturer of the crusher;
3) reinstall eccentric shaft, bearing, movable jaw and other damaged parts;
4) change the spring rod;
5) adjust the feeding outlet in accordance of regulation;
6) replace the feeding inlet, and make sure the feeding is even and stable;

Problem:Over high temperature rise of bearing or movable jaw
1) fill the oil with regular quantity at regular time according to users manual;
2) clear out the odds and ends in the oil filler point;
3) adjust balancing weight to the correct position on fly wheel;
4) change the bearings;
5) Change the end cover and sealing gland, or press some fuse wires together with embedded lids into bearing housing to lock the embedded lids.

Problem:Axial swing of fly wheel and belt pulley
1) replace the fly wheel, belt pulley and eccentric shaft;
2) add protective cover and change the broken parts;
3) change the imperfect casting parts into the new one;
4) Tighten the taper sleeves.

Problem:Broken of main frame
1) make some repair welding and resurfacing, if it doesn’t working, change the main frame; Repair or replace the main frame, and then
2) adopt toggle plate and seat produced by the manufacturer of main frame;
3) tighten pressing block for fixed jaw;
4) make horizontal adjustment and reinforcement of the foundation, ;
5) tighten bolts in bearing housing;
6) promptly replace the worn jaws;
7) tighten taper sleeves, or replace the pin roll or eccentric shaft;

Problem:Knocking noise at the back of crusher
1) screw up the eject rod;
2) tighten spring rod and the spring, and replace the spring if it is invalid;
3) reinstall the spring retainer, and tighten the spring rod screw properly;

Problem:Intense vibration of the crusher
1) tighten or replace the foundation bolts;
2) adjust the balancing weight to correct places;
3) Reinforce the foundation, or add in wooden or rubber sleepers.


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