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1. Someone responsible for operating the equipment should be specially assigned. The operator should be technically trained with full knowledge of the machine, also familiar with operation manual of it.
2. In order to ensure normal work of the machine, The safe operation system of equipment maintenance should be formulated to guarantee the long-term, safe and reliable operation. Meanwhile, the necessary maintenance tools, spare parts and lubricating oil must be available for immediate use.
3. The fastening pieces should be checked during each shift, if finding any part loosened, fasten it as soon as possible.
4. The equipment should be checked periodically through checking door to inspect every inner worn parts such as rings, liners, guard plate around and wear-resistant parts in the flow passage of throwing wheel. If found any parts worn, should be repaired or replaced at once. If the wear-resistant parts is worn, the whole set of them should be replaced to ensure the throwing wheel in balance. If the throwing wheel found worn, it should also be repaired or replaced.
5. The fastening parts of throwing wheel should be checked every 7 days, if found any parts worn, replace or repair them at once.
6. The fastening parts and easy-worn parts of vortex cavity should be checked once half a month. If anything abnormal, quick action should be taken to eliminate.
7. Oil lubrication is 32#(Minimum temperature lower than 15) or 46#(Minimum temperature higher than 15) antiwear hydraulic oil 150-190L. The first 1000 hours working makes the oil change. Afterwards, 2500-3000 hours change the oil in regular working. The pipes should be disassembled when replacing the oil, the connecting oil pipes should be cleaned, and worn seal pad should be replaced.
8. Adjust the tensile force of transmitting V belt to be suitable, so that to guarantee the V belt is under even stress. The unbalanced current of the motors in two sides should not exceed 15A.
9. The hydraulic system should be checked frequently, and anything abnormal found, should be repaired at once.
10. The calcium-based grease should be filled in the seal ring under the bearing cabinet with cover-rotating type oil cup installed under the bearing barrel when stopping the machine.
11. Bearing cylinder needs to be cleaned up after changing the oil each time, 1000 hours for the first time and 2500-3000 hours for the following hours.


Problem: Belt of pulley is hot
To adjust the tension bolt,fasten the belt.

Problem: Vibration of machine
To replace the easy-worn parts.
To adjust the position of easy-worn parts to ensure the throwing wheel in balance.
To adjust the feeding size and keep feeding even averagely.
Eliminate the materials blocked.

Problem: Temperature of bearing is too high.
To replace the bearing.
Increase the amount of oil that filled.
To clean the bearing and replace the lubricating oil.
Air-cooler isworking well or not

Problem: The machine stops suddenly.
To check the electric parts of oil flow, power resources, etc. and remove the materials blocked.

Problem: Abnormal noise.
Screen the raw materials to remove the metal parts. To check and fasten all the connecting parts.

Problem: Lubrication system oil is not supplied
To install the valve correctly according to direction of arrow on the valve.
Turn on the oil feed valve.
Turn down the split-flow valve.
Clean the system.

Problem: The oil flow is too small.
Check the oil pump, replace the sealing parts or the oil pump.
Clean the system.
To adjust the opening of split-flow valve.
Do stop the leak

Problem: Temperature of oil is too high.
Switch on the cooling water.


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